'Trusty Achates walked at his side,

In step with his friend'

Virgil, Aeneid Book VI (217-218), translated by Seamus Heaney

The Achates Philanthropy Foundation was established in 2016 to act as an incubator for innovation in the cultural sector, encouraging new philanthropy and improving organisational resilience. We both develop programmes and respond to project proposals that meet our aims.

Trustees of the Achates Philanthropy Foundation

Caroline McCormick (Chair)

Libby Penn

Aliceson Robinson

Bill Swainson

Dagmar Walz

Achates Philanthropy Prize Ambassadors

Suzanne Alleyne

Rose Goddard

Caroline Halls

Nancy Hitzig

Zak Hulstrom

Sarah Maguire

Renu Mehto

Kane Moore

Clare O'Hara

Sally Pennington

Annemarie Shillito

Rossella Traverso

We welcome donations and would particularly like to thank Nigel Farnall for his generous gift, which enabled the creation of this website.

Quote reproduced by kind permission of the Estate of Seamus Heaney.