2020 PRIZE

In response to world events in 2020, from the pandemic to Black Lives Matter and the environmental crisis, we decided to change our offer this year.

Instead of continuing with the competitive element of the Achates Philanthropy Prize, we have pivoted towards a different model, reflecting our view that cultural philanthropy is a barometer of relationships with audiences. So, rather than asking hard-pressed arts organisations to put forward nominations, we appointed Regional Ambassadors across the UK (the five ACE regions, plus Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales) to research 15 case studies of good practice in the way that arts and cultural organisations have responded to the needs of their communities in these difficult times and how their communities have responded to this work.

The result has been both a reflection of the challenges that arts organisations and communities have faced and a celebration of all the different ways in which art creates value. Not just economic value, but intrinsic value, with undoubted benefits to mental and physical health, social impact, community building, educational value and innovation. From these nominations we have created a Regional Showcase of 24 nominations, three per region, and from this list the National Showcase of eight nominations has been selected by our panel of Judges.


Javaad Alipoor, Deanne Bell, Dr Alison Body, Tom Byrne, Alex Cheales, Nigel Farnall, Lyn Gardner,

Henny Finch, Kane Moore, Caroline McCormick, Sarah Maguire, Dave Moutrey, Paul Owens,

Paul Ramsbottom, Libby Penn, Michael Nabarro, Liv Nilssen, Bill Swainson, Nick Thomlinson.


Here are the eight arts organisations chosen for the National Showcase.

To provide a moment of reflection at a time of unprecedented change, we held a one-day conference – Art, Audiences, Money – to create a place for the sector to consider what kind of world we want to live in and what role we want art and culture to play in it. The conference took place on 12 November via Zoom and can be viewed on YouTube.

Read the press release (in English or Welsh) for details of the 2020 Achates Philanthropy Prize, as well as stories behind the National Showcase and more about our one-day conference – Art, Audiences, Money.

The Achates Philanthropy Prize 2020 and Foundation Conference are sponsored by Achates Philanthropy Ltd,  supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation and Young Arts Fundraisers, and presented in partnership with BOP Consulting, Spektrix and HOME, Manchester.

London – Theatre Centre and Theatre503

Midlands – Craftspace

North – 20 Stories High

Northern Ireland – Stage Beyond

Scotland – Scottish Ballet

South East – Rifco Theatre Company


We also awarded eight Prize Bursaries – one to an organisation in each UK region – offering a bespoke masterclass to support the development of their strategy and fundraising. Bursaries were awarded to:

London – Museum of the Home

Midlands – Fermynwoods Contemporary Art

North – Islington Mill

Northern Ireland – Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company

Scotland – The Hospitalfield Trust

South East – People United

South West – FEAST

Wales – MOSTYN

South West – Royal Albert Memorial

Museum & Art Gallery

Wales – Theatr Clwyd