Hay Festival Foundation is a registered charity created to support the aims of Hay Festival in the UK and internationally, including our free Programme for Schools that brings 10,000 children and 1,000 teachers to Hay, our Hay Academy skills development programme with fifty places for 16-25s year olds annually and the vast Hay Player digital library -  recordings by some of the world’s greatest writers and thinkers. The Foundation is committed to access, inclusion and to the pursuit of excellence through these projects.  It is supported through philanthropy and charitable grants with donations welcomed at hayfestival.org/wales/patrons-and-benefactors. Bringing writers and readers together to share stories and ideas in sustainable events around the world, Hay Festival inspires, examines and entertains, sharing the latest thinking in the arts and sciences with curious audiences live, in print and online. Founded in 1987, the unique marriage of exacting conversations and entertainment for all ages has today travelled to editions in 30 locations, from the historic town of Cartagena in Colombia to the heart of cities in Peru, Mexico, Spain, the UAE and Croatia.

Mountain Warehouse, the UK’s largest specialist outdoor retailer, used their first-ever sponsorship of the Hay Festival to help raise the profile and funds for the Hay Festival Foundation. Mountain Warehouse designed, produced, promoted and stocked a number of products specific to Hay Festival 2019 in their on-site store, and sold them alongside POS stating the profits from the sale of the items would go to the Foundation. The products helped contribute to a £15,000 donation to the Foundation and communicated the charitable status of Hay to thousands of visitors at this year’s Festival as well as to the brand’s wider online audience. As the official camping and kit suppliers for the Festival, Mountain Warehouse offered a series of guided walks around Hay as well as sponsored events. This is the first time a part sponsorship-part donation model has been adopted by the Foundation, resulting in both a financial gift as well as a richer and more inclusive audience offer.





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